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Selamawit Weldemichael

Selamawit Weldemichael

Selamawit Weldemichael also known as Sella is a New York State Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. She is a MBA Alumni and she has many years of Real Estate experience. Born in Eritrea, grew up in Sweden, and currently lives in New York. Selamawit Weldemichael, also known as Sella, decided to move to New York right after she graduated from high school in order to pursue her educational journey within Business. She knew that by earning her Bachelors as well as her Master’s degree, in the business capital of the world, it would not only teach her the theoretical aspect of business but also about real life business experiences. Sella graduated from Berkeley College in 2010 and is currently enrolled at Metropolitan College of New York where she is pursuing her Masters degree in General Management. Furthermore, she speaks not only English but Swedish and Tigrinya and is currently learning Mandarin. Growing up as the middle child of four children, Sella has always been caring, understanding, and diplomatic. She is able to solve problems easily because of her simplicity and straight forward attitude. The role as a middle child taught her the ability to present different point of views in any given situation and she will always give it to you as it is. These are some of her skills that she will apply when dealing with her Real Estate clients. Sella was determined to move by herself to New York because she had a vision; she was not afraid of the unknown. She has always been determined as well as curious, which makes her want to learn and grow as a person. This huge adjustment in her life has only made her stronger and hungrier to keep growing. Call Sella anytime for a free consultation
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